Wild & Woolly

Canoe Trip: Gear Checklist

1 pr 14" - 16" Rubber boots with felt insoles (room for 2 pr so cks)
1 pr Running Shoes or Mocassins
2-3 prs Heavy Wool Socks and Light Wool Socks
1 pr Roomy Long Pants - Heavy denim or canvas (Carharts or Fils ons)
1 pr Shorts or Cut-offs
1 Wool Shirt (long sleeves)
1 Wool Sweater (thick) or Heavy Wool Shirt (or poly)
1 pr Wool or Poly Underwear - 2 piece
1 Wind Breaker - Nylon or cotton
1 Felt hat or Wool Toque (or both)
1 pr Leather Gloves
1 Hooded Rain Jacket and Chaps (or) Rain Paints
2 Bandana Kerchiefs
1 Silk Scarf or Synthetic - large and colorful
1 Sun Glasses with Keeper for glasses
Sun cream: 30-45 Sunblock, sm. size
Soap, small, in soapbox
1 Flashlight per 2 people (not necessary in mid-summer June-July)
Bug Dope
Pocket Knife - Swiss Type
Belt Knife (if you're in need, we carry excellent ones)
Wood Matches in Waterproof Container
1 Compass - orienteering type
1 50-100 ft Nylon core 1/8" (parachute cord)
Sleeping bag
Ensolite, Foamie or Thermarest (also ensolite sitpad)
10 Plastic Bags (poultry size)
1 Small notebook and Pen (pocket size)
Camera and lots of film (optional)
Fishing gear (2 people can share) - spinning med. weight, 10# line, snap swivels, lures: Mepps spinners Blue Fox spoons
1 Day Pack
1 Large metal cup (enamel or stainless steel)
1 Bowl approx. 1-1/2 quart (enamel or stainless are best)
1 Eating spoon, Tbsp.
1 Magnesium fire stick
1 3/4 Axe, 26" handle, #2-1/2 head, Hudson Bay Style (have here for sale)
1 6 ft Rawhide thong
1 Small personal first aid kit
1 large roll top closure waterproof river bag or 2 smaller ones (available at REI, Cascade Designs, with shoulder straps)
1 Pair of binoculars, optional (very handy)
1 Water bottle, 1 liter

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