Wild & Woolly

Application Form

Please print out, complete and return by mail with your deposit to:

Dick Person
Wild and Woolly
P.O. Box 92
Teslin, Yukon Canada YOA 1BO

Name: ___________________________________

Phone: ____________________(home) ____________________(work)

Fax: ____________________ E-mail: __________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Country: ____________________ Zip Code: ____________

Trip Name:____________________ Date:____________________

Health concerns of which we should be aware:



Allergies: _____________________________________________

I am aware that I am responsible for arranging my own medical, accident, trip cancellation, property and all other personal insurance which I deem important, before commencing the trip.

I understand that I will be required to sign a form outlining the terms and conditions of participation in this trip and this form must be received by Wild and Woolly before commencing the trip.

I understand that should Wild and Woolly be forced to change itineraries due to circumstances beyond its control (e.g. forest fires, high water, dangerous wind conditions), the new plan will be left to Wild and Woolly's discretion. Should unexpected logistical expenses result, they will be divided evenly among the participants. (This has happened very rarely, but you should be aware of this industry norm.)

I understand that Wild and Woolly will not take a risk travelling water that has become dangerous and will wait for a change of conditions or otherwise leave that area.

I know that if a participant(s) requires evacuation for any reason, the cost will be divided evenly among those who are evacuated and by no others.

A 20% deposit will hold your reservation. The balance of the fee is due 60 days prior to departure. Refunds are given before, but not after, 60 days prior to departure. A $100 administration fee is deducted from any refund. Should Wild and Woolly cancel a trip (although this has never happened) within two weeks of departure, a full refund will be given.

Enclosed is a 20% deposit. Amount: ________________

Signature: ________________________________________

Date: _________________________

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