White Horse Riding Stable

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Come travel with us... Try it, Wild!

Come to Canada's Yukon Territory. Breath the clean, fresh air. Gaze upon lush valley bottoms. View exquisite Dall sheep roaming in their natural alpine habitat. Experience the sound of silence. Grasp the strength gained from the feeling of independence that no other kind of adventure can offer.

Canada's Yukon Territory is a place of unparalleled natural beauty, offering the outdoor adventurer the experience of a lifetime. The Yukon's unique cultural and historical heritage provide a doorway into a fascinating part of Northern Canada's past.

White Horse Riding Stable

White Horse Riding Stable is situated in the heart of this majestic land, in the capital city of Whitehorse, which derived its name from the raging rapids that leaped like white horses from the water.

The stable also is located by the famous world-class Miles Canyon. Experience firsthand what the Klondike Gold Seekers went through during the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. Ride the Hepburn Tramway Trail blazed in 1899 which was used to shuttle freight around the canyon.

Do you have a group interested in wildlife and photography ... horse back trips ... fishing ... backpacking with pack-dogs ... canoeing ... history? If you want something unique ... we will help you design your Yukon outdoor adventure.

You name it... we will help you put it together!

See the Yukon through the eyes of Yukoners ...

White Horse Riding Stables will supply you with a professional wilderness guides, who are very knowledgeable and enjoy sharing their wilderness experiences with others.

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