Spirit Bear Retreat

Savour our rustic retreat in
pristine Yukon near lakes and mountains.
Mellow and delight in peace.

Provided daily:
Reiki, energy balancing, and hearty suppers from nutritious menu choices.

Promotes restful sleep in cozy tents/cabins...
inspiring spiritual healing.

Visit pristine Yukon while healing body, mind and soul, as we at Spirit
Bear Retreat provide the opportunity for you to experience ancient healing
methods, nutritious organic foods in intimate commune with nature.

Our talking and healing circle ceremonies open and close daily
activities which focus on your individual needs for authentic self-nurturing
expression. You will be supported in the creation of inner sacred places
and sacred objects. We supply local environmental and community
information so you can explore your adventure desires while staying at our
rustic retreat.

We also specialize in handcrafted Yukon photos and photographic T-shirts.

(867) 667-2288


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