Rendezvous Lake Lodge

Billy Jacobson, Box 162, Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. X0E 1CO , 867-977-2406

Contact Lodge direct by radio phone/answering machine at 867-979-2800

muskox Our lodge which is located right on Rendezvous Lake is composed of one building. The building has electric lights, and a satellite TV, which is supplied by wind power, solar panels, and gas generators. We have separate rooms for our guests, with all bedding provided, and a common living room and kitchen, where the meals are eaten with the family.

Enjoy the opportunity to take pictures of the muskox in its nature enivironment.Nature tours are given at different times of the year for people who wish to view the surrounding country side, the wildlife in the area, and the birds of the western arctic. We can take you up close to bears, muskoxen, caribou, and the grand animal, the polar bear lunch on floats

visitors Join Billy, and view the water/land birds in the area.