Rendezvous Lake Lodge

Billy Jacobson, Box 162, Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. X0E 1CO , 867-977-2406

Contact Lodge direct by radio phone/answering machine at 867-979-2800

Caribou hunts are during September and the early part of October. Muskox hunts are during the last week of September and the first week of October, as well as from late February to the end of April. Grizzly hunts are from the last week of April to mid May.

We will arrange for sport hunters to pick up their licences, tags, and export permits.

Our hunting lodge which is located right on Rendezvous Lake is composed of one building. The building has electric lights, and a satellite TV, which is supplied by wind power, solar panels, and gas generators. We have separate rooms for our guests, with all bedding provided, and a common living room and kitchen, where the meals are eaten with the family.

World Record World Record Boone & Crockett Central Canada Barren ground Caribou 1986-1988 408 6/8 B&C score
Only Boone & Crockett Barren Grand Grizzly to come out of the N.W.T. Sample of a Grizzly taken at a hunt by Vic Moss of Winthrop, Washington Grizzy
Hunters Boone & Crockett muskox taken spring of 1988 by John Blaine
One week successful hunt of six hunters Argo
Musk Boone & Crockett muskox taken April 1990 by Hubert Kennedy
Boone & Crockett score 122 2/8 muskox taken by Bill Powers
antlers Several private collections taken from Rendevous Lake Lodge 1995. All Boone & Crockett animals
This record muskox head taken near Rendezvous Lake by Billy Jacobson. It gives you a indication of the size of horns these animals have. record muxkox