Message from the Yukon Hire Commissioner

Todd Hardy, Yukon Hire Commissioner When the Yukon Hire Commission was created one year ago, the task of developing a Yukon Hire policy seemed to be a daunting one. But, we consulted extensively with Yukon people. We researched and developed the hard facts to show where the Yukon was succeeding--and where we could improve. The 40 recommendations in the final report capture the interests, concerns and aspirations of hundreds of Yukon people.

The final report is not our only success. The public debate prompted and encouraged by the Commission has been seen by all who participated as a valuable and worthwhile process. People of opposing views had the opportunity, many for the first time, to discuss common issues and develop practical solutions. I am personally pleased with the positive energy our workshops generated, and the effectiveness of our consultation process.

Two advisory committees provided extensive support and comment to the Yukon Hire Commission. The Yukon Hire Policy Committee (the "external committee") was made up of people from industry, labour, the public at large, and government. The Yukon Hire Government Advisory and Implementation Working Group (the "internal committee") comprised staff from key government departments involved in hiring and contracting. I would like to thank these people for their hard work; their collective experience and wide variety of perspectives enriched the process immensely.

As well, I would like to thank the consultants who worked with the Commission, our workshop guest speakers and our workshop facilitators. Their contributions figured significantly in the success of our work.

I would also like to thank the dedicated people on the commission team who made it possible for government to meet the high expectations set out in our mandate. Luigi Zanasi, Katherine Dudgeon, Ron Janusaitis, Nancy Campbell and Paula Comeau were tireless in their enthusiasm for ensuring the Yukon Hire Commission succeeded in capturing all the information it needed to do its job well.

On behalf of the Yukon Hire Commission, I would like to thank all the Yukon people who met with commission staff individually, or attended a workshop, or submitted written comments, or just picked up the phone to talk about hiring or contracting issues. Whether it was for a few minutes or an entire day, your contributions did make a difference. While not everyone will agree with all 40 recommendations, we made every effort to reflect what we were told and propose solutions that met the interests you identified.

Todd Hardy
Todd Hardy
Yukon Hire Commissioner
December 31, 1997