Economic incentives to hire and purchase locally on Yukon government contracts

Developing local skills to increase the inventory of skilled labour

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Opportunities for Yukon Businesses First

It promotes more opportunity for local business.

The value of contracts that may be sole-sourced to "outside" firms has decreased from $10,000 to $1,000. Yukon Hire gives local businesses more tenders over $1,000.

Invitational tenders will go to Yukon businesses first, where sufficient competition is present.

The evaluation criteria of value driven contracts will reflect Yukon preference.

Better use of the government source list. The list informs government departments about Yukon goods and services.

It provides business incentives.

It gives new and increased rebates under the Business Incentive Program (BIP) to create more local opportunities on Yukon government construction contracts.

It gives Yukon businesses a "competitive edge" over "outside" firms, when bidding on government contracts.

Yukon Hire provides opportunities for local workers to improve their skills, which means a skilled labour force for businesses.

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