February AGM – New YUDA Executive, Year End Reports

YUDA’s Annual General Meeting occurred February 15th. This AGM was most notable for it’s lack of controversy. Year end reports were given by those involved, and a new executive was elected.

Presidents Report

Highlights of the Presidents report were:

Annual Financial Report

At the close of 1999, Yukon Underwater Diving Association had a bank balance in both current and savings accounts of $4,147.51.

That balance is a result of an opening balance of $4125.85, income of $1,568.93 and expenses of $1,547.27. The opening balance is a legacy left over from past YUDA members and executive, that is greatly appreciated. The math shows that we actually showed an increase in our bank accounts of $21.66 over the end of the previous year. Certainly the name non-profit organization is a correct one.

Constitution Committee Report

Rein Langner and Roy Whiten comprised the constitution committee over the 1999 club year. This committee is required under the constitution and bylaws, and serves the function of ensuring that the business of the club is conducted according to those approved rules of conduct. Neither Rein nor Roy Whiten were available for the meeting – Rein had moved to Alberta, and Roy was tied up with hockey activities. In their absence, the President gave a verbal report that there were no burning constitutional issues needing to be dealt with over the 1999 club year.

Equipment Managers’ Reports

Doug Davidge and Allyn Lyon are the club’s two equipment managers. Each reported on the equipment in their care.

Doug cares for the YUDA sidescan sonar, and other miscellaneous pieces of club equipment. The side scan sonar is in good working condition and has sufficient rolls of paper for up to 100 hours of scanning.

Allyn cares for the YUDA air tanks and compressor and other miscellaneous equipment. His report showed net profits of $75 and $40 respectively from provision of air and tank rentals.

Election of Officers

The election of officers begins a month prior to the AGM with the appointment of a nomination committee who poll club members for potential nominees for the four executive positions (Pres, VP, Sec, Treas) and the five directors. Dahn Casselman and Pat Gray performed that function for the club this year. Dahn did double duty as scrutineer and conducted the election at the AGM.

Your 2000 Executive are:

President – Allyn Lyon

Vice President – Dan Ryan

Secretary – Nick Schonewille

Treasurer – Cheryl Gammel


Dahn Casselman

Bud Reynolds

Lise Schonewille

Sue Ryan

Ed Tritscher

New Committees

As was mentioned previously, the one committee that is a requirement under the constitution is the Constitution Committee. Dahn Casselman and Pat Gray were asked to serve in this capacity, and agreed to become the Constitution Committee for 2000. Dahn will chair the committee.

The phone committee was appointed for 2000 and consists of Clayton Moore and Nancy Lyon.

The new membership committee consists of Allyn Lyon, Nick Schonewille and Mitch Allen.

Doug Davidge and Allyn Lyon continue as the equipment mangers for 2000.

Questions From the Floor

There were three items that were discussed at the end of the business portion of the meeting.

The first was a request that YUDA look into the possibility of having a different date for the AGM. Currently our bylaws require us to have the AGM in February. The constitution committee will look into the possibility of make that date a couple of months later – at a time when more members are actually thinking about diving, and more likely to attend the AGM.

The second item was a report and request from Nick Schonewille that he be allowed to continue attending the user group meetings for the new pool , to ensure that YUDA needs are heard. That request was agreed to.

The third item was correspondence from a couple who will be visiting this summer from Ontario, who want to do some diving in Yukon. That information was forwarded to Mitch Allan as the club contact.

Year 2000

The membership committee met in early March and began work on the year 2000 YUDA Dive Schedule. This schedule is then mailed to over 100 Yukon divers who are on the YUDA mailing list, all of whom were YUDA members at one time, along with a membership registration form for them to complete and return.

This schedule has now been completed, and is enclosed with the newsletter. You will note that the membership committee has endeavored to keep the summer free from organized dives – during this time Mitch Allen will become "command central" for those who want to go diving, and need to find out where divers will be. If Mitch is busy and not at his phone, you can contact any one of the YUDA Executive for up to date dive info.

We have also included a one page, short form of the dive schedule, with contact numbers, for you to keep by your calendar.

The schedule will also be on both YUDA web pages (yes we have two of them!!) at either www.polarcom.com/~yuda or www.yukonweb.com/community/yuda .

First Official Club Dives of 2000

Our kick off dive for the upcoming year will be a pre-Easter dive at Smuggler’s Cove just out of Skagway (access is from the road to Dyea). This will take place on April 8th, starting at 10:00 in the morning. This will be a one day outing, for those that want to take advantage of the clear water around Skagway at this time of year.

We have made arrangements for an ATV to take equipment up and down the access road to the cove itself. There is a camp shelter at the site, with a fire pit. We will hang some tarps if the weather is poor, which will give us a place to warm up and keep some hot chocolate on the fire. For this outing, please bring your own lunch and refreshments. Air tanks and refills will be available – fills are $5.

The Easter Weekend will be in Haines Alaska this year. The dates are April 21st to 24th. We are working on inexpensive lodgings and will be contacting everyone in the next week with details and to get a count and commitments on rooms. We will include a "hospitality suite" to allow us to get together as a group and enjoy each other’s company.

We will have at least one barbecue and one pancake breakfast for everyone who attends. Because it is early in the season, some dive sites, that are not available to us in August, should have good visibility. Tyasinka Harbor is one – across from the Ferry Terminal. Another is Indian Head Rock. And all along the Chilkat River side of the peninsula.

Of course, Haines is a much longer drive than Skagway, but the advantage is that diving can go ahead no matter what the weather. There are always sheltered locations even if the wind is blowing. If the weather is decent the diving should be spectacular!

Next Meeting

The next meeting of YUDA will be on Thursday April 20th, at 7:00 at the Whitehorse Public Library.


Remember to send in your membership registrations soon, if you haven’t already done so.

If you know of other divers who are not YUDA members, become a delegation of one to let them know about the opportunities and good times that we have diving together – and give them an incentive to become YUDA members.