Take Back Your Dreams

by Michael McGinnis

As children, we knew better. We all had our dreams our daydreams, fantasies, night dreams and even nightmares. Some of us had invisible friends or recalled past lives. The power of our dreams guided and inspired many of us to find success in the adult world. But, as adults, many of us have forgotten about dreams.

Our society largely ignores dreams. Few people take them seriously. Dismissed as simply electrical impulses of the sleeping brain, dreams are of little interest and no practical importance except possibly as entertainment for the dreamer. Yet for many people dreams are a vital part of life.

Dream worlds are real! Problems have been solved, futures foretold and loved ones reunited in dreams. The information from important dreams has changed the course of history. Personal study of one's own dreams can greatly expand his understanding of life. For several years, I have written down most of the dreams that I recall on waking. Some of these have helped me greatly.

My dad died more than twenty years ago. He was a good person to know most of the time, but when he went on drinking binges he was a terror. When he was drunk he would get abusive and violent sometimes I was the target. He died while I was away at university, but before I had grown strong and self-confident enough to handle another person's aggression. I have had several dreams of my dad since he died. Each living creature is Soul, and always survives after the death of the body. Soul also grows in maturity by living in a series of bodies over many lifetimes. When I see someone in dreams, I see the real person coming by to visit and usually not just a memory.

Often dreams are remembered only in part. However, dreams can be in great detail and with an even greater clarity and feeling of reality than regular waking life. In a very clear dream a couple of years ago I was living back with my family and parents in one of the houses where I grew up. I had my own bedroom in the basement and decided to play some music at night. My dad was upset at the noise, came downstairs angry, and took a swing at me. I grabbed his hand with both of mine, put my face close to his, looked him in the eye, and said very firmly "That is not acceptable." He backed off.

The dream state can be very helpful in setting up experiences that you need to have, but which aren't available in this world. Through a dream I was able to act in a positive way to settle a personal issue that might otherwise have been carried over to a future life. The strength that I gained from living through a sometimes difficult childhood was used to resolve my relationship with my dad in the dream who was the agent of my early adversity.

I have seen my dad about half a dozen times in the last twenty years in the dream state. But the last time was just a couple of months ago the first time I dreamed about him after the confrontation I just described. That meeting was the most positive with him that I can recall. There was a great feeling of love between us that left me crying in the dream. When I woke up in the night after this dream, I was very happy to write it down in my dream book. Otherwise I knew I would forget it.

These wonderful experiences are available for anyone who claims them as part of his life. Ask to remember your dreams, pay attention to them! Write them down, and appreciate them when they happen. Dreams are real they are part of our spiritual world, they are an important part of each of us. You can find yours and take them back into your life. Sweet dreams!!!

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