Spiritual Wake-up Calls

by Michael McGinnis

Life goes along smoothly until something changes. A difficulty comes up, but there is a reason for it. It is to wake us up in some way. The Holy Spirit sends us messages that it is time to become more aware in some way, and maybe do something a little better.

As a teenager, I had an allergy to dust which I treated by taking antihistamines. They worked for the allergy, but I found that taking them made me drowsy. So for several years I would take an antihistamine as a sleeping pill if I couldn't get to sleep by 2 a.m. and felt I absolutely had to have sleep for the next day. This seemed to work very well for awhile. But I started to notice that the morning after I had taken the antihistamine, I was withdrawn from other people, had little energy, and I was the target of people's hostility, much more than was normally the case. In spiritual terms, the drug had put a hole in my aura, and I was much more susceptible to other people's energy. This realization was my wake-up call to be more responsible for my own energy, and my invitation to change things so this did not continue to happen. I stopped taking antihistamines. Now I find that occasionally I may not get to sleep as soon as I would like, but I prefer tiredness to the alternative.

Spiritual wake-up calls can come from man different sources. It could be from a friend, a book you've read, a dream, or even what you eat. For several years I have enjoyed drinking fruit juice, more than tea or coffee or anything else. After a breakfast which included fruit juice, I would often find that my throat was very congested with mucus. For an hour after breakfast, I had to cough a lot and could hardly speak. This congestion was my wake-up call that my diet needed to change, for the sake of my health. When I switched to tea in the morning, the amount of congestion dropped sharply.

When I receive a spiritual wake-up call it is my job to recognize it and do something about it. I doubt that I recognize all the calls that Spirit makes to me, but I try to be watchful. It's also important to test what you believe may be a wakeup call, to see if it really is. For those with an interest in financial investments, the book "Fear, Greed and the End of the Rainbow" may be a spiritual wake-up call about the imminent collapse of the stock market.

Spiritual wake-up calls may be preplanned to happen in your life at a certain time. The most stirring wakeup call I've received was when I discovered the religion of Eckankar in 1973. It immediately felt right for me, and it focused my desire for spiritual growth in a positive and practical direction. I have also met people who were, by themselves, living spiritual wakeup calls they encouraged me to think about my life in a different way.

Your spiritual wakeup calls will be designed for you, personally. Something that will alert you may well be missed by your friends and relatives this is a question of consciousness, and each person's is different. Recognizing these wakeup calls can help us find new directions to overcome problems and give us new kinds of experiences to enjoy.

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