Seeing the Future

by Michael McGinnis

All of us, one time or another, have wondered about the future is it possible to know in advance what will happen? When things are going well, we enjoy and live in the present: let the future look after itself. But in times of uncertainty the mysterious call of prophecy beckons. Prophecy is most often supplied in our society by psychics, but often the best prophecy is the kind that you do for yourself.

We don't talk about it much, except perhaps to those we trust. But you don't need to travel outside of our small community to find people who rely on psychic prophecy for advice on possible future events. One person, faced with the prospect of a new job in a different community, consulted a psychic who advised against changing jobs at that time, but also suggested when the right time would come.

Experiences that friends have had, plus frequent ads on TV, finally led me to try an experiment with prophecy myself with advertised psychics. I wrote a letter inquiring about my future, including several specific questions. The letter was handwritten to make it easier to pick up my 'vibrations'. I also wrote two other letters, copies of the first letter: all three were addressed to different psychics. They all responded in a similar way. The similarity seemed to point to something real that all of them had picked up on. I wanted printed replies so I could go over them repeatedly at my leisure, to be sure I understood them. For any other people interested in checking it out, I believe this kind of experiment is certainly worth trying once.

However this experiment also told me that, however they were doing it, they were all off the mark to some extent. In my letter, I gave as little information about myself as possible, and of course my letter was handwritten. One of the psychics suggested that I would soon be learning about computers... I can hardly wait, since I've been using them extensively for the last dozen years!

If professional psychics make mistakes like that, what chance does anyone else have of predicting correctly? I suspect that everyone has some psychic ability, enough so that most people can help themselves often in emergencies, but also on a day-to-day basis if they wish. Some methods, like the Tarot or the I Ching are thousands of years old, but still prove themselves useful to many people each year. There are times when I must make a decision but don't feel that I have enough information. In such a case I may use the I Ching for a helpful insight. I don't think it always works, but quite often the results are very interesting and increase my understanding.

Modern society has discounted prophecy as fraud, based on the assumption that science can explain everything and psychic phenomena are delusionary. I predict that our society will soon develop to the point that psychic ability will be much more recognized and used by anyone as an everyday thing. The use of simple methods of prophecy should be, and will be, available to all who wish to use them.

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