Opening the Heart

by Michael McGinnis

How much do you get out of life? Is there something you desperately want or need and can't find? How can one find happiness? These are big questions, and the answer does not lie in open heart surgery as one might guess from the title, but in opening up the flow of energy through ourselves.

Have you noticed that when you really enjoy doing something, you can sometimes have a feeling of warmth, energy or love in your heart? When doing something that is felt to be unpleasant that feeling in the heart is lacking. One of the most important things we can learn from life is increasing the parts of our life where our hearts are open to the free flow of positive energy.

We are lucky if we know people with very open hearts who regularly trash the laws of probability, and whose amazed friends have worn out the page of their dictionaries that contains "coincidence". One of my friends has an unerring feel for hitch hikers. She swoops down and picks up THAT one, perhaps scruffy and not dressed for the opera, but the inner message comes through clearly and she acts on it without hesitation. On one occasion she had the impulse to put her math books in the car, then she picked up a hitchhiker ... who needed help for an upcoming math test. Needless to say, she had exactly the right books with her to help him, and after she discovered that he was concerned about an imminent math test, they drove to a restaurant and had a spontaneous tutoring session!!

When it comes to hitch hikers, I, on the other hand, have some ways to go with immediately trusting in the heart. One evening last August when I was driving back to Mayo I was several kilometres south of Pelly, when against the lights of an oncoming vehicle I very briefly saw the dim outlines of a number of figures who were hitching a ride. Then I was past them, still driving, and my mind went into overdrive: should I go back, how many were there, what were they doing out there, wouldn't I look stupid going back now, did aliens hitch hike etc. etc. etc. I drove right through Pelly in this tangled state, my mind asking questions and my heart saying 'go back'. I finally viewed it as a test if I didn't do the best thing I would be repeating the experience again some day, until I got it right. I turned around and went back. I can't exactly recall how much distance this added to my trip, but the people were still walking and by this time were VERY happy to get a ride. In this case, it was the driver who got the lesson.

Everyone has some things they do well, and other areas where they would like to do better. For instance a child may not like to clean his room, but his heart is really open to playing hockey, and he lives and breathes it with a passion! Even people who have their hearts open wide in some areas of their lives may have other areas that can use development. Our hearts naturally unfold into new areas if we are open to the nudges of Spirit, which works in the most unforced and elegant way. Don't push, but let Spirit lead you in the kindest way, with love, to the next opening of your heart.

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