Inner Communication

by Michael McGinnis

Most people have heard a story or can tell their own about some time when communication went beyond the usual extent of spoken and written words, and into the realm of apparent coincidence: the Twilight Zone stuff of friends hundreds of kilometres apart deciding to call each other at the same time. Such cases of evident serendipity happen thousands of times a day, but they still startle us with their effortless elegance, simplicity and power.

I don't think these things happen just to provide us with entertaining stories. There is a part of each of us which we are not often conscious of, the essential part of each person or soul. We aren't normally aware of the Soul because we haven't yet learned to put our attention on the Soul part of us, rather than the physical body which generally demands a lot of attention. But occasionally Soul sends a message through to the mind we call these hunches and we find ourselves communicating beyond the level of ordinary speech and words. Communication between Souls happens without words or wires or postage: by telepathy, constantly. Only a small amount of that is usually known to the person in normal wakefulness.

One day I attended a meeting where some negative feelings were expressed. I was careful not to let my thoughts drift into a negative reaction, and worked on staying in a state of balance. However, the experience was draining. After the meeting I felt like I was walking through water or oil, everything took more energy. I was very tired. Then the phone rang: it was a friend from Whitehorse who called in a very upbeat mood to share some news and ask me some questions. My difficulty was greatly lightened by the results of the inner communication with my friend, who knew inwardly when to call. What we call coincidence is similar to what we observe when we see dozens of shaggy mane mushrooms by the side of the road: the mushrooms are often standing by themselves and seemed to just happen to be in the same area. However, behind every coincidence is a hidden connection. In the case of the mushrooms, they are all connected by filaments underground: their placement as a group is completely nonaccidental.

One night in July 1974 I read until about 5:00 am in the morning. I had just bought a new science fiction book by one of my favorite authors, Robert Heinlein, and was immersed in the story of Lazarus Long, who had been born with a genetic mutation which left him immune to disease and old age. He kept the appearance of a middle aged man while growing to be hundreds of years old. He was very cautious about becoming too attached to short lived normal people, but fell in love with a young girl on a frontier planet. The story of how he and his wife overcame problems and raised a family was very entertaining, and finally when his wife died of old age in a very touching scene, I found myself crying in grief. I put the book down and went to sleep. Two hours later, at 7:00 am, the phone rang and I learned that my dad had died that night. Inner communication is real! You can develop it by trusting your hunches more and working with what you feel inside to be true.

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