Spiritual Lessons from Life's Experiences

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Life on earth is a school for the developing Soul. Life exists only because of God and the Holy Spirit of God. Continually, Divine Spirit sends flashes of inspiration and guidance to spotlight our lives (and problems) -- but these are only beneficial if we can recognize and use them. This recognition is a skill that can be learned. We learn more from life when we practice a gentle persistent alertness to see what gifts the Holy Spirit has brought to us at this moment. These spiritual lessons are embedded in the daily experiences of life and are available to everyone.

Finding Spiritual Light in the Yukon

My home is the Yukon in Canada -- Yukon is known as "the Land of the Midnight Sun". Due to its high northern latitude, Yukon experiences extremes of light in summer and darkness in winter. Yukoners avidly watch the course of the sun as it sinks lower in the sky in the fall bringing our cold winters, and rejoice as it returns in the summer for the long days which banish darkness. The title of my web site refers to something that most northern residents do because they realize the importance of the sun's light in their lives.

Looking for spiritual Light is part of our purpose as Soul for living in this world.

We can learn to follow the Light of Divine Spirit through the events of our lives. I have found that writing about my experiences and realizations gives me better understanding of the gifts of Spirit in my life. In spiritual studies, Light is spiritual knowing of the heart -- not just a mental idea. In gratitude to other people who have shared their experiences with me, I offer these articles to anyone who wants to read them in turn. I expect to add new articles to this web page over time.

Small incidents, as well as major ones -- and funny stories as well as serious ones -- have opened my eyes and my heart to some aspect of life, wisdom and love that I have been missing. Spirit's operation runs both to the extremes of nature and simple events of daily life. The biggest obstacle to spiritual growth is thinking that you already know the answers. In my experience, the more absolutely certain you are that something is so, the more need there is for Spirit to come back into your life and open up the heart again.

As I grow spiritually stronger, my goal is to be able to take any incident from my life and examine it from the viewpoint of Soul learning another lesson. Soul is eternal and indestructible and couldn't care less about the embarrassment from some of the situations that it puts itself through to take the next spiritual step. Soul has a great sense of humour! The important thing is spiritual growth. This means learning how to live life more responsibly in this world, with greater love, so Soul can take on Its own duties to make the worlds of God better for Its existence.

The particular religious path that I have found most suitable for myself is Eckankar. You can learn more about Eckankar by visiting www.eckankar.org . But different people have different spiritual learning programs at any time, so there are many religions to meet those needs. Yet all people learn from experience, so these articles may touch you somehow, whatever your path.

Finding Your Own Spiritual Light!

I believe that each person is sitting on a spiritual gold mine of their own rich experiences that can make life much happier and more meaningful. We note some experiences, but many more are missed: many of life's lessons are lost because of lack of awareness. Writing down and sharing our experiences is a great way to focus on what life is trying to teach us. This site may become a forum where others can share their spiritual lessons from life.

Finding your own spiritual lessons as they unfold from the events in your life is a skill that grows with practice. This skill can be developed through the use of spiritual exercises -- which are simply any of a wide range of activities that help broaden our spiritual awareness. There are different types of spiritual exercises because people have different states of awareness -- the only way to discover if one will be helpful for you is to try it for yourself. It may not work to your satisfaction the first time, so you may need to practice it several times. Or you may choose a different spiritual exercise that is more in tune with your present state of consciousness.

Here are three simple spiritual exercises of different types. You can also visit www.eckankar.org for a selection of spiritual exercises which change frequently.

1. Singing the HU

2. Keeping a gratitude journal

3. Keeping a dream journal

Learning from Each Other's Spiritual Lessons

Lastly, a bit of background to put my stories into perspective. I am a Canadian, and have taught high school science and math in Mayo, Yukon since 1981. In Mayo I am editor of a local newspaper in which most of these articles originally appeared. I have been a member of Eckankar since 1973. We can all learn from each other. I welcome your comments, insights, stories and anything you wish to share. Thank you for taking the time to visit this web site!

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