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THE KLONDIKE SUN is a non-profit, volunteer based newspaper published bi-weekly by the Literary Society of the Klondike, which is the parent organization. For a list of officers, see below. Letters to the editor, submissions and reports may be edited for brevity, clarity, good taste (as defined by community standards), racism, sexism, and legal considerations. We welcome any and all submissions from our readership; however, it should be understood that the opinions expressed herein may not always reflect those of the publishers and producers of the Klondike Sun. Submissions should be directed to The Editor, Bag 6040, Dawson City, YT, Y0B 1G0, or dropped off in the drop-box at our office in the Waterfront building on Front Street. They should be signed and preferably typed (double-spaced), or saved on 3.5" floppy disk. If you can give a phone number at which you can be reached, it would be helpful.

Note to advertisers and contributers: For advertisers, the safest way to contact us is by fax machine. There's more of a record that way. Out of town contributers, we'd appreciate it if you'd use e-mail. It saves typing at this end.

Mail: Bag 6040, Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Numbers: Phone (867) 993-6318 Fax (867) 993-6625

On sale every second Friday. Printed by the Yukon News.
Publication's Mail Registration no. 8687 / G.S.T. # 12531 0581 RT

Subscriptions: $35.00 in Canada (GST incl.), $57.75 in U.S.A., and $90.75 Overseas

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