The Caribou Trail offers a scenic alternate drive through one of the most beautiful regions of the Yukon.

Leaving the new Alaska Highway at Jakes Corner and reconnecting near Whitehorse, this loop (only 30 km long) is overlooked by many. From this well-maintained road which follows the path of the original Alaska Highway you can access Atlin, British Columbia, the Little Switzerland of the North.

Excellent fishing and boating opportunities are available at Tagish, a traditional native village and Northwest Mounted Police check point for stampeders enroute to Dawson during the Gold Rush.

Carcross (orignally called Caribou Crossing) is rich in natural beauty, wildlife and history. This small village referred to by the natives as Natashaheeni, or "Water Waters" was the scene of much gold rush activity.

At Carcross the Caribou Trail meets the famous Whitepass Railway, built through some of the most difficult terrain in the world. A one-hour drive from Carcross will allow travellers to preview Alaska with a visit to the historic port of Skagway.

The relaxing drive from Carcross to Whitehorse follows one of the gold rush overland trails passing by the world's smallest desert, breathtaking Emerald Lake, and the famous Robinson roadhouse. The Carcross desert houses foliage which can be found nowhere in the world.

The Caribou Trail is well serviced throughout and paved, with the exception of 16 kms which is surfaced with calcium.

A memorable drive through history you should not miss.

To Caribou Trail map and legend

Produced by Carcross/Tagish Business Association.

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