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Underwater Video North


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Underwater Video North (UVN) is now entering it's fifth year of business in the Yukon.  The use of  remote operated vehicle (or ROV) technology in underwater research and study continues to grow across Canada and is being routinely used  by the scientific, commercial, educational and recreational community. UVN continues to provide this specialized service in the Yukon and has successfully demonstrated the practical use of ROV technology in a number of ways.

Some of the more notable applications the UVN ROV has been used for in the past couple of years include:

a) the discovery of  under ice water movement, also known as seiche, in Scout Lake, Yukon  (not previously documented),

b) the discovery of unusualBurbot Burrows in Lake Laberge (not previously documented in Canada),

c) assisted in the  search and successful recovery of a $3000.00 outboard motor from Snafu Lake (after being submerge in 15m of water for more than two weeks the motor was recovered, the carburetor drained and it was put back into operation without any further problems) ,

d) video documentation of a 10cm diameter lake sediment coring instrument in use,

e) deployed under ice in a coordinated fashion with commercial divers to inspect and document the main control gates at the Whitehorse Rapids Dam.

f) the recent discovery of old military ordinance in Lake Laberge, Yukon.

These are only a few of the hilights the UVN ROV has nearly 70 hours of deployment time in Yukon and northern B.C. waters since it's arrival in 1994.

The UVN ROV system is person portable meaning each component can easily be moved by one person.  This has proven to be very successful in the Yukon where access is limited or difficult.  The ROV has been transported and deployed at work sites by vehicle, small boats, snowmobile aircraft and by helicopter. As an example, all equipment and operator fits easily into the Bell 206 Long Ranger.  Many hours of underwater deployment have been carried out under ice cover and in the winter at temperatures as low as 35C, in 0C water temperature for many hours and in limited light conditions.  The longest continuous deployment to date is 7 hours during winter months under ice.

UVN also has available a growing selection of archived video which consists of many hours of raw underwater video footage from around the Yukon.  In addition to the above, UVN has available the latest in PC based  video image editing tools.  Motion and still images can be captured from video in all common digital formats (avi, mpeg, bmp, gif, jpg, etc.).  Still images can be enhanced and printed in either black and white or color hard copy.  All underwater images and page backgrounds displayed at this web site are images captured by the Super Scamp ROV.

Doug Davidge - Owner and Operator


As owner and operator of Underwater Video North, Doug Davidge brings to you more than 20 years of technical expertise in the environmental assessment and fisheries field. In addition to this he possesses an avid interest in the ecology, history and pre-history of the northern wilderness and Yukon's First Nations people.

His professional experiences and technical background is particularly focused on environmental protection and contaminants in northern ecosystems, the physical properties and biology of northern lakes, streams and arctic marine environments. On a personal interest level, Doug has been an active member and past president/director of the Yukon Underwater Diving Association, is currently the Vice President of the Yukon Transportation Museum, and has on a regular basis, contributed observations and reports on historic and pre-historic heritage sites to the Yukon Government Heritage Branch. Doug,  his wife, Kathryn Secord and Daughter Alexandra Davidge (born in 1987) have resided in Whitehorse since 1980.

Doug Davidge's familiarity with the north is also complimented by the many first-hand observations he has made through experiences as an environmental technician, underwater diver, sports hunter, fisherman, photographer and traveler across the Yukon, Western N.W.T. and Alaska.

Doug is also keenly aware of the importance of protecting our aquatic resources.  He is particularly focused on exploring new ways and means of using environmentally friendly technologies to observe and discover more about our freshwater and marine environments.

Summary of ROV Deployments


March, 1995

Stocked Lake Program Winter Assessment - Scout Lake and Marcella Lake

April 1995

Lake Laberge Under Ice Exploratory Deployment at Fossil Point

May, 1995

Fox Lake Exploratory Deployment

June, 1995

Snafu Lake Outboard Motor Search and Recovery

July, 1995

Ponds to Pine Cones" Outdoor Awareness Program - Long Lake

July, 1995

Atlin Lake Exploratory Deployment

October, 1995

Fox Lake - Lake Trout Assessment

February, 1996

Yukon Electric Whitehorse Rapids Dam Control Gate Inspection

April, 1996

Fox Lake "Family Ice Fishing Day" Demonstration and Fisheries Survey

February, 1997

Yukon Underwater Diving Association Discover Scuba Demonstration

March, 1997

Scout Lake Under Ice Investigation of Salmonid Egg Tray Study

April, 1997

Fox Lake "Family Ice Fishing Day"

August, 1997

Fox Lake Habitat Survey and Exploration Deployment

August, 1997

Yukon River - Experimental Deployment in River Current

March, 1998

Coal Lake, Yukon - Exploration Deployment and Documentation of Lake Sediment Coring Equipment in Use; first ROV helicopter support deployment in the Yukon.

March, 1998

Lake Laberge - Under Ice Search for Aircraft Wreck of Fairchild AXK (missing since October, 1939); first known documentation of Burbot tunnel burrows .

July, 1998

Marsh Lake - Video Documentation of a Lake Sediment Coring Equipment Deployment.

April, 1999

Lake Laberge - preliminary underwater survey and first documentation of military ordinance.

Lake Laberge - further doucmentation of Burbot tunnel burrows.

August, 1999

Lake Laberge - preliminary underwater ordinance survey of military target practice area near Deep Creek. 

November, 1999

Underwater Assessment of a dock at the Haines Sawmill Site in Haines, Alaska

March, 2000

Followup Survey for Military Ordinance at Lake Laberge - more bombs are found!