Yukon's First and Only Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Service

Underwater Video North is the first Yukon business to provide underwater Remote Operated Vehicle service for exploring our northern waters.  The company has been in business since 1995 and is owned and operated by Doug Davidge.  For more information on Underwater Video North, link to "Company Profile".

Exactly what is a Remote Operated Vehicle (also known as an ROV)?

ROVs are robotics systems specifically designed for exploring both freshwater and marine environments.

The Super Scamp system shown at left is a light weight and compact submersible color video camera and lighting system that is self-propelled and can be manipulated and controlled remotely from the surface by a skilled operator.

ROVs offer a safe and reliable means to access and video tape underwater environments for any length of time at considerable depth, summer or winter.

This technology is particularly well suited for deployment in limiting or high risk conditions such as under ice, in cold water, at night or where there is a need to explore depths beyond the safe limits of scuba divers for extended periods of time.

Common Areas of Application

Scientific Research

  • Lake and River Investigations 
  • Fisheries Habitat Studies 
  • Underwater Waste Surveys 
  • Underwater Historic Sites Exploration and Inventory

Commercial and Non-Scientific

  • Hydro-Electric Dam Inspections 
  • Assist in Commercial Underwater Diving Salvage and Inspection Operations 
  • Municipal Water Intake and Water Treatment System Inspections 
  • Assist Enforcement Agencies in Search and Recovery Operations 
  • Assist Search and Rescue Organizations 
  • Inspection of Submerged Structures (i.e. dock pilings, bridge abutments, cables) 

Special Groups

  • Environmental Interest Groups 
  • Student Groups and Educational Institutes 
  • Underwater Video Photography 
  • Sports Fishing Promotion





ROV Specifications

Model: Super Scamp  
Manufacturer by: SeaSmart Technologies (formally Hydrobotics Engineering Canada Inc.)
Length: 90cm (35")
Width: 46cm (18")
Height: 43cm (17")
Weight: 28Kg (64 lbs)
Operational Depth: 0 - 86 meters (0 - 250 ft.)
Vehicle Weight: 28Kg (64 lbs)
Control Console Weight: 42kg (87 lbs)
4 electric thruster units
500 watt lighting system

The Super Scamp is equipped with a 6mm auto iris wide angle color video camera with 180 degree pan and tilt capability. The Super Scamp can be powered using standard 115VAC 60 Hz power where it is available or by a 2500 watt gas powered generator. Video images can be simultaneously recorded using 8mm, Hi8mm, VHS, or digital formats.

Underwater Video North also provides video editing, video capture (AVI, MPEG) and still capture (all popular formats) using the latest in PC based video capture hardware.



If you have a specific need or would like to know more about ROV technology please contact Underwater Video North by clicking on the envelope below:

Mailing Address:
76 Kluane Crescent
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 3G9
Phone: (867) 668-2233


Special Reports

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Lake Laberge Burbot tunnel burrows with the latest update .
  A Report on a Preliminary Underwater Survey of Lake Laberge in the Vicinity of Deep Creek, Yukon (1999) 

****21-March-2000 - more bombs are discovered! ****  

Details to follow soon…..
    Last Update: 29-Mar-2000