Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Loiselle

  • Specializing in electromagnetic exploration
  • Prospector since 1970, involved in strategic mineral exploration and regional reconnaissance throughout North America

Primary Qualifications:

  • "Beep Mat, BM4+" owner/operator (Portable electromagnetic detector)
  • Highly skilled, experienced in:
    • Strategic exploration
    • Location of new anomalies
    • Geophysical surveys, EM-16, radiometric and electromagnetic
  • Adaptable to varied climates and working conditions
  • Successful track record in discovering new anomalies
  • Fluent in English and French
Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Loiselle
Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Loiselle

Chalcopyrite and gold
Chalcopyrite and gold
Cobalt and copper
Cobalt and copper

Electromagnetic Prospecting

Response observed by Beep Mat, BM4+ Survey

Response observed by Beep Mat survey

This powerful high tech probe has both modes, BM4+ and "Beep Snow", to "see" mineralization up to 3 to 4.5 meters deep respectively, being highly efficient for massive sulfides and mineraliztions associated with magnetite and conductive minerals as well as kimberlite pipes.

The presence of mineralization is signalled by the "BEEP MAT, BM4+", even at slightly conductive levels, which may contain chalcopyrite, pentlantite, bornite and chalcocite. It also detects graphite, pyrrhotite and nickel, revealing gold, silver, cobalt, copper, lead, and zinc anomalies.

Valuable showings have been detected with the use of this instrument by several major corporations including Inco Limited, Noranda Mining and Exploration Inc., and American Copper & Nickel Company, Inc.

My work includes location of mineralization, detailed systematic surveys around anomalies, sampling, compilation of data and communication with the geologist in charge.

A demonstration of the "BEEP MAT, BM4+" can be arranged at no charge.

Inquiries from potential investors interested in Yukon mineral exploration are welcomed. Attractive benefits include a very favourable tax credit as well as outstanding geological possibilities.

Contact Information

808-1067 Seymour St.
Vancouver, BC., Canada V6B 5S4

You may also view my resume as a PDF.

BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines   GDD Instrumentation Inc.
for information about the BEEP MAT BM IV+

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