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Art of Nathalie Parenteau

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Nathalie Parenteau was born in Montréal, Québec. After graduating from high school, she came to the Yukon while volunteering with a youth group. Fascinated with the uniqueness of the area, she decided to extend her visit in the North and here she remains.

She spent the next few years in the wilderness of southwestern Yukon where she enjoyed a closeness with nature. The aesthetic and peacefulness of such a relationship inspired her to draw and paint. In the winter of 1988-89 she set out for a trip around the world which took her into the most secret aspects of human culture. She completed a Bachelor of Science in 1993 at the University of Western Ontario. Nathalie now feels that she has enough information, experience and sensitivity to create works that can reach the viewer at an emotional and aesthetic level.

Nathalie Parenteau's artistic skills come from extended experimentation with subject and media. She has taught herself to create balanced tableaux with a special attention to the mood created. She feels that she gains a vast amount of information and knowledge by sharing with her peers.


Art's Statement

The work that I make aims at creating worlds and moods. I am particularly intrigued by what happens in people's minds and the relationship between beings and their spatial and temporal context. My paintings are oriented towards discovering these concepts. To me, the context and setting is of great importance since it represents and reflects back the powers which affect and absorb our lives and minds. The use of oil paint is particularly suitable for these pieces because of its great ability to be worked and re-worked until a balance is reached. The purpose of these pieces is to bring the viewer into her/his inner self and to increase existential questioning.

Sampling of Paintings

The sampling of Nathalie's paintings presented here date from 1996 and 1997. She invites you view this work and to contact her with your comments.

For more information, phone (867) 668-4289 or write:
19-100 Lewes Blvd.
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 3W1

E-mail: nathalieparenteau@hotmail.com (giving Le Studio in subject)

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